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Reactive Stain es un tinte reactivo envejecedor basado en colorantes naturales y reactivos. Reactive Stain está especialmente indicado para maderas envejecidas que contienen ácido tánico. Tras el tiempo de reacción, debe aplicarse inmediatamente un acabado al Reactive Stain con aceite o barniz.

» Reacciona con los taninos de la madera y le da un acabado único.

» Posibilidades ilimitadas en combinación con aceites con color.

» La intensidad del color puede ajustarse fácilmente con Reactive Stain Clear.


Asegúrese de eliminar completamente cualquier capa de acabado antigua y de que el suelo esté libre de polvo y otra suciedad. Puede usarse en madera lijada y cepillada. Prehumedecer la madera reduce el riesgo de solapamiento.


Remover y agitar bien antes de usar. Aplique una cantidad abundante de Reactive Stain en la dirección del grano de la madera, e iguale la superficie a continuación. Reactive Stain puede aplicarse con una brocha o espray, e igualarse posteriormente con una brocha o mopa.

Iguale la superficie con un disco con cepillo pasado el tiempo de reacción. A continuación, deberá eliminarse todo rastro de polvo de la superficie, tras lo cual puede dar un acabado a Reactive Stain con un aceite o barniz de la gama Ciranova®. Para información acerca del uso de barnices, contacte con el servicio técnico de Ciranova®.



Make sure that all old finish coats are completely removed and that the wood is free from dust and other dirt. Can be used on sanded, planed, and brushed wood. Pre-wetting the wood can reduce the risk of overlapping.


Stir and shake well before and during use. Apply evenly reactive stain in the direction of the wood fiber, even out afterward. Reactive stain can be applied using a brush or spray gun and subsequently smoothened with a brush or mop.

Reactive stain can “pop” the grain so it is suggested that you smoothen the surface after the full reaction time with a buffing pad. Afterward, the surface should be made dust free, prior to finishing with an oil or waterborne finish from the Ciranova® product line. Please contact Ciranova® Technical Support for information about using a waterborne finish.

How can I protect the reactive stain afterward?

Reactive stain only produces the color; afterward, it has to be protected with a finishing product. For the on-site finishing, we recommend our Hardwaxoil Magic. By combining a reactive stain with a colored oil one can obtain many different finishes.

One cannot roll or brush waterborne finishings such as a varnish over the reactive stain, because this could partly dissolve the color. However, one can spray a waterborne finish on the reactive stain, which offers many possibilities for industrial finishers.

Be sure to let us know if you would like more information about our reactive stains for professional or industrial use.

Case4 x 5L
Coverage100-150 sq.ft./L
DisposalDispose of residue and empty packaging in accordance with local ordinances
Drying times6 hours
Product Typewaterborne
Shelf life12 months in the original and unopened packaging
Storage/transportbetween 5°C and 25°C
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Important notice: The calculated consumption can vary due to various factors, e.g. cut, structure and age of the wood, etc. Please also consult the product label and the technical data sheet;

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