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Ciranova Vintage is a waterborne reactive stain that gives a weathered ‘vintage’ look to wood species that contain tannins.

Check our application chart to find more information about compatibility.


The best results are achieved on brushed wood. Make sure that all old
finish coats are completely removed and that the wood is free from dust
and other dirt.


Stir and shake well before and during use. Apply evenly with a spray gun or brush in the direction of the wood grain. Even out the Vintage with a brush afterwards.

How can I protect the reactive stain afterward?

Reactive stain only produces the color; afterward, it has to be protected with a finishing product. For the on-site finishing, we recommend our Hardwaxoil Magic. By combining a reactive stain with a colored oil one can obtain many different finishes.

One cannot roll or brush waterborne finishings such as a varnish over the reactive stain, because this could partly dissolve the color. However, one can spray a waterborne finish on the reactive stain, which offers many possibilities for industrial finishers.

Be sure to let us know if you would like more information about our reactive stains for professional or industrial use.

Coverage100-150 sq.ft./L
DisposalDispose of residue and empty packaging in accordance with local ordinances
Drying Time6 hours
Product typewaterborne
Sanding gritP 100- 120
Shelf lifeminimum 12 months in the original and unopened packaging
Storage/transportbetween 5°C and 25°C
Coverage Calculator

Important notice: The calculated consumption can vary due to various factors, e.g. cut, structure and age of the wood, etc. Please also consult the product label and the technical data sheet;

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