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Hardwaxoil TITAN is an innovative oil that is suitable for finishing wooden floors and furniture. Hardwaxoil TITAN provides good filling, natural protection and provides the wood with excellent chemical and mechanical resistance.

The Hardwaxoil TITAN has a long open time, which makes it excellently suitable for application with a roller. The mechanical chemical resistance can be further improved by adding a UA hardener.

» Highly suited for application with a roller.

» Provides natural protection.

» Has a long open time.

» Excellent chemical and mechanical resistance.


Make sure that all old finish coats are completely removed and that the wood is free from dust and other dirt. Can be used on sanded, planed, and brushed wood.


Stir and shake well before and during use. The HARDWAXOIL TITAN can be easily applied with a roller (6 mm microfiber recommended). A buffing machine, brush or cloth may be used as well. Hardwood like oak require at least 2 layers. Multiple layers can be applied for softwood. For exotic wood types, the Hardwaxoil TITAN should be tested beforehand. For industrial applications (rolling, spraying) the Ciranova® technical service should be consulted.

Hardwaxoil TITAN is the ideal finishing coat on top of colored Hardwaxoil like Hardwaxoil, Hardwaxoil Magic and UN1CO.


For regular maintenance, we recommend Ciranova® Flooring Soap. For periodic maintenance, use Ciranova® Maintenance Oil or first use Ciranova® Intensive Cleaner in case of heavy dirt. Hardwaxoil TITAN is only fully hardened after +/- 7 days. During this period, the wood cannot be treated with water or maintenance products.

Case4 x 2.5 L
CleaningCleaning Thinner Ciranova®

Roller: 260-320 sq.ft./L per coat

Buffing machine: 450-550 sq.ft./L per coat 

DisposalDispose of residue and empty packaging in accordance with local ordinances
Drying times

Recoatable: after +/- 8 hours 

Lightly walkable after 24 hours. 

Fully cured after +/- 10 days

Gloss levelMatt / Silk / Satin
Mixing ratioOptional hardener UA: 100/5
Number of colorscolorless
Potlife+/- 3 hours after adding the hardener
Product typeSolvent-based
Sanding gritP 100-120
Shelf life24 months in the original and unopened packaging
Solid content+/- 46%
Storage/transportbetween 5°C and 25°C
Viscosity+/- 50 sec - DIN 4mm
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Amazing Project Made with TITAN

Our products are not only for wooden floors, they are suitable for any wooden surface! Check out this beautiful project from "Yes I Wood!"

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