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Universal maintenance product that provides an extra protective layer to all types of MATTE floors. UNICARE X-MATT can also be used on laminate, LVT and on our matte waterborne finishes like FORTICO, ECOFIX & OCULTO. UNICARE X-MATT provides an extra protective film and hides micro-scratches, maintaining the original look of the floor. The extra matte protection ensures that the finishing layer is maintained longer and prevents dirt becoming ingrained.

» Extra protection layer for all types of MATTE waterborne finishes.

» Can also be used on laminate, LVT and matte varnished floors.

» Hides micro-scratches and restores the original look of the floor


Ensure that the floor is clean before applying UNICARE X-MATT. To this end, you can first clean the wood with Ciranova® Hard floor Fresh. Apply the UNICARE X-MATT to a dry and grease-free surface.


Use the UNICARE X-MATT undiluted. Apply the UNICARE X-MATT evenly with a microfiber cloth or mop, in the direction of the wood grain. If necessary, you can apply a second layer of UNICARE X-MATT after 1 hour


For regular maintenance of varnished floors and floors treated with UNICARE X-MATT, use Ciranova® Hard Floor Fresh. For removing old layers of UNICARE X-MATT, use Ciranova® Hard Floor Cleaner.

Case6 x 750 ml
Coverage650-850 sq.ft./L
DisposalDispose of residue and empty packaging in accordance with local ordinances.
Drying times1 hour at room temperature
Gloss levelExtra matte
Mixing ratioUse undiluted
PH 8
Product typewaterborne
Shelf life12 months in the original and unopened packaging.
Storage/transportbetween 5°C and 25°C
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